COCI Revised Courses and Programs

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I am trying to submit curriculum changes to courses and programs that will implement Fall 2018 in the COCI. When I edit the course or program those changes seem to override the existing course/program, which is still valid for Intersession and Spring 2018. Do I need to wait to submit course/program revisions?


  • Pamela_Shaw
    Pamela_Shaw Member
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    Hi Melissa,  
    Are the edits you are making Substantial Changes?  If so, you will be alerted that the edits are a substantial change, and a new "Draft" proposal will open.  The original (Active) proposal will remain with the original data, and the new Draft will have the updated data.  Please note that the Draft (with the sub change) will need to be Saved and/Or Submitted before you can get a new Control Number.

    If the edits are non-sub changes, then the inventory will have the updated course and program information.  You do not need to wait to submit the revisions.
  • Melissa_Jauregui
    edited January 2018
    The edits are both substantial and non-substantial. All course and program revisions however are implementing with a Fall 2018 effective term. Will the system reflect the later implementation date and allow the current course to continue as active until then even for the non-substantial revisions?

    Thank you for your time.