Watermark on Powerpoint Slides

Liezl_Madrona Member
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I'm curious to know how watermark images on Windows Powerpoint (PPT) slides are interpreted by assistive technologies?

Can watermark images have alt text? Are watermark images read aloud at all, or are part of the interpretation sequence on the slides? Are there any suggested effective practices when working with watermark images on PPT slides? Thanks!


  • Sam
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    Hi Liezl, 

    As watermarks cannot be accessed by screen readers, the most accessible option is to remove the watermark altogether (if it is decorative and does not convey useful information), or to include the watermark within the content of the document (if it conveys useful information). 

    You can find more information about best practices from the Watermarks, footnotes and endnotes article on the AccessibilityOz website.