Live Captions for Webinar

Betsy_Allen Member
I am offering faculty professional development workshops as webinars to two schools in my district. Do I need to offer live captions? How do I request a live captioner?


  • Gian
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    Hi Betsy
    Yes, you are required to provide live captions. We recommend Ala Carte:, however your Disability Services Unit may have a relationship with another provider.
  • Sean_Keegan
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    Hi Betsy,

    What is the application you will be using to provide the webinar? Is it CCC Confer or ConferZoom? If so, you will need to contact [email protected] to make a request for live captioning for your webinars.

    If you are not using CCC Confer or ConferZoom, then you will need to make separate arrangements. The Distance Education and Transcription Grant ( has identified several vendors who can perform live captioning services for student-based distance education courses. These vendors may also be considerations for your needs.

    Is this webinar open to the public or are participants required to register in advance? In other words, is attendance is allowed only to those who register for the webinar?

    Thank you,
    CCC Accessibility Center
  • Betsy_Allen
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    Hi Sean, Thank you for your reply. We will be using ConferZoom. Attendance is limited to the faculty of two community colleges only.