COCI Program Documents field

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Browser: Google
Operating system: Windows 7 Enterprise
I need to edit a program.  I opened the program with the edit button.  The reviewer has type a message in the 'Program Documents' field, but the field is so small that when you try to scroll through the message sentences are cut off.  Is there a way to open this field in a bigger screen to read the message?


  • Teresa
    Teresa Member
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    I've found a solution.  I have copied and pasted the text into Word and I'm able to read the message.
  • Pamela_Shaw
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    Hi Teresa,
    I'm glad you found a solution to work around this issue.  Another tip is to look in the lower right corner.  You will notice little diagonal lines.  Whenever you see this in the corner of a box, it means that you can drag the box to be a larger size.  Notice the screenshot below, demonstrating the diagonal lines I am referring to:


    I hope this is helpful!  Thank you for using Get Satisfaction!