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Is the <Date> element still not to be used? We are having issues with receiving valid data for residency status date (its a text element). Even though the question has instructions on the correct format, we have entries with just the year or incorrect format of date.


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    Balamurali Kappagantula,
    I am not quite sure what you are asking.  If you read the data dictionary for the Supplemental Questions the following information can be found for the Date Element:  

    "The <Date> Element
    This element creates a text input field that allows for a date in MM/DD/YYYY format. We recommend that you do not use this element; it does not properly validate user input, and can result in 
    invalid values being stored in the database."

    You can find the Data Dictionary, and the Supplemental Users Guide at the following documentation link:
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    Thank you Merrie for the kind reply. Yes we did look at the users guide which indicates that <Date> should not be used, so were curious if that issue was taken care of (since the guide was modified in 2016). 

    Our supplemental question requires student to enter their residency status date. It has to be in the following format: MMDDYYYY . Is it possible to validate the data entry? (Since we keep getting invalid/incomplete information like YYYY or DDMMYY.

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    There is not a more current guide, or data dictionary.  I do know that with the revision of the Administrator (due in 2018) the method that Supplemental Questions are created and fields used will be totally revamped.  Both of ease of use, and ability to format / restrict input in the fields.  The information you have is "how it is" currently.  I do not know that there is a method for you to use that txt field to validate the input from the student populating the field.
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