determined_homeless not boolean?

Kyle_Mack Member
Can someone tell me why the determined_homeless field on the BOGFW application is a String and not a Boolean?


  • Debra_Thayer
    Debra_Thayer Member
    edited August 2018

     Hi Kyle,

     Take a look at your bog_format.xml.  If you prefer a 1/0 boolean interpretation you can code it like this.  It really depends on how you want to consume the download files.  Are you using a XML parser like one of the Java SAX classes? 

     <field name="determined_homeless" >
       <booleanFormatter trueValue="1" falseValue="0" />

  • Kyle_Mack
    Kyle_Mack Member
    edited November 2017
    Hi Debra,
    I didn't know I could use the booleanFormatter tag on a string field.  My concern with the field being a string is that at some point the field could be changed to allow more values than "y" or "n".  I used the simpleMapper tag to handle the values at this point - so if there is ever a value that is not "y" or "n" it will download a null value.
  • Kyle_Mack
    Kyle_Mack Member
    edited November 2017
    The question for determined_homeless is not showing up in the pilot site, but is in production.  Can it be added?  I'd like to test the functionality of the app when this is set to Y, but the applicant supplies an address.
  • severa
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    edited June 2017
    Is there any status on this? Is does pilot currently have the finalized version of homeless database field format? (ie will it stay a string?)