mainphone_ext field in International App

In the International Application Data Dictionary V.2016.3 (9/30/16) there is a reference to a field named mainphone_ext but that is not a valid field name according to the downloader.  Was it removed/renamed? Do I need a newer data dictionary?  If so, where do I get it?


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    Clark,You have the latest data dictionary, however based in the Apply update that occured on March 31st, there was a bug discovered in the International Application ( "Unfortunately a bug was identified towards the end of the Release related to the supplemental questions code in the International Application. After troubleshooting the issue, we determined that a patch release will be scheduled for early next week (week of April 3) to complete all un-deployed changes to the International App from Release 6.0." If I were you I would wait to complete your configuration of your International Download file until after the Bug Fix is applied later this week.
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    Sounds good.