Submitted BOG but no admission application

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Can a report be created that shows BOG applications submitted while no admission application has been submitted?  Forgive me if this has already been brought up.  I searched for a while and did not see anything.  Does anyone else deal with this in a specific manner?


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    As with the CCCApply data, until the application is submitted the data (by law) is not available to either the Colleges or the Tech Center.  See Patty's response from two years ago:

    Patty - OpenCCCApply Product Manager, Official Rep
    Per state and federal privacy laws, it is illegal for colleges (or anyone other than the owner of the personal information) to access an in-progress application that includes sensitive/private student personal information data.

    Though it appears that the Xap system did allow this functionality, the CCC Technology Center, as representative of the CCC Chancellor's Office, will not allow access to student data  until the student has officially Consented and submitted their personal information via the online application submission process.  

    For more information, please refer to the OpenCCC and CCCApply Privacy Policies and Terms of Use statement, which are accessible from, My Applications, and within each CCCApply application.

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    I don't need to see the data in an in-progress application.  I would like to see a list of people that have submitted a BOGFW application, but have NOT submitted an admissions application.  Whether there is an in-progress application or not does not concern me in this case.