Announcement: CCCApply 2017 Annual Update Scheduled for March 31, 2017 - See Schedule of Release Act

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NOTICE: The CCCApply 2017 Annual Update is scheduled for March 31, 2017 at 6:00PM PST.

The schedule of release activities is shown below.

Weekly updates will be posted here on Friday afternoons through the production release on March 31.

Schedule of Release Activities
  • Annual Update release date announced - Feb 3, 2017

  • Code freeze, regression & automated testing begins - Feb 14, 2017

  • Pre-Release Notes posted on Support Site - Feb 17, 2017 Correction: March 1, 2017

  • College Preview Demos (recorded videos) will be posted - Feb 17, 2017 Correction: March 6, 2017

  • Pilot Site Release - 30 Day Preview - begins - March 1, 2017

  • Pilot Data Dictionaries posted; new data fields - March 1, 2017
  • Production release notes, Data Dictionaries, User Guides, and Download Transfer Jar Files posted - March 31, 2017

  • MARCH PRODUCTION RELEASE - March 31, 2017 - 6:00PM

Pilot Pre-Release Notes Summary

In preparation for the Pilot Site release on March 1st, a Pilot-Release Notes Summary - with links to change specifications, new data field information, updated Data Dictionaries, and the latest Download Client transfer jar file - will be posted to allow colleges to begin updating to their downloads and workflow processes, during the 30 day Pilot preview period.  (See post scheduled above).

Meanwhile, below are a few highlights from this release.

OpenCCC Student Account System:
  • An update to the user interface and overall look and feel of the OpenCCC Account system;
  • New data field checkbox question is being added to the Permanent Address section to support the AB 801: Homeless Youth mandate
CCCApply Standard Application:
  • A new data field question and Area B logic change is being added to the Residency page in support of AB 801 Homeless Youth; 
  • New system-generated email reminders will now be sent out to students who begin an application, but do not submit, after 24 hours and once again after 7 days if the application is still not submitted;
  • A new API web service is being developed linking the Statewide Student Identifier System (SSID) with CCCApply;
  • A new API web service is being developed to support articulation with and CCCApply;
  • Two new response options are being added to the Award Type field (college configured field) to indicate if a Major is a BA or BS degree.

2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver Application 
  • New questions, data fields, and Income logic supporting AB 801: Homeless Youth for students under 25);
  • New BOG Eligibilities Flag D for eligible Homeless Youth under 25 yrs 
  • Updated Method B Income Table
  • Missing skip logic is added for students pre-determined to be residents;
Bug Fixes & Other Changes :
  • Hover help language fix in the High School & College School Finder tools
  • Supplemental Question fields will now appear in the Rules tab of the Administrator for International Applications

Stay informed on release activities through the production release on March 31.  All announcements, news, and reminders will be posted on the CCCApply and CCCTC System Alerts category pages. 
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    In previous releases, we are able to stay with the older release until such time when we are ready.  Is it still the case for this release or do we need to jump in and go live on March 31?
  • Debra_ThayerDebra_Thayer Member
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    Will this issue be addressed in the March 2017 update: "Graduation year needed for current high school students"?  It's discussed in this thread:
    Thank you,
    Debra Thayer
    College of Marin
    Systems Analyst
    Information Technology

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    Debra,This was the response from the Product Manager regarding this issue: Hi Mitch and Lee, Mitch, we can discuss adding this field to the application as a change request at the next Steering meeting in September. Meanwhile, colleges are encouraged to add this as a supplemental question (downloadable data field), as well as any other data required that is not currently being collected in the application now. A CCCApply Steering sub-committee will be gathering requirements and suggestions for the next iteration of CCCApply (v3.0) starting in October 2016 and I will add this suggestion to the list. Colleges that require additional data fields that are not mandated by the Chancellor's Office or state legislature - can add them as supplemental questions until that time. Development on v3.0 is slated to begin in Fall 2017. Lee - you have so much experience working with the CCCApply download files and the Banner SIS - would you be interested in sitting on the CCCApply V3 sub-committee? I think you'd be a huge asset to this committee? If yes, please let me know and I will send you an invite as we get closer to scheduling the first meeting.Thank you both,Patty
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    Hi Emilio, This is correct. All CCCApply releases are backwards compatible; but that only applies to the back-end Downloads configuration. When changes are made to CCCApply on the front-end (such as this release) with new questions, data fields, logic changes, or text/language changes, the student-facing Application changes for everyone - even the colleges that choose to wait to update their back-end configuration (downloads). So the front end changes, but it won't break your downloads. However, it means you will not be collecting the responses that your students will be making to these new questions - until you add those data fields to your download file and run the latest version of the Download Client transfer jar file. In addition to the automatic front-end changes, the Report Center will reflect all changes from a release immediately. Meaning all the new data fields - and student responses to those fields - will be available in the Report Center right away. Therefore, if you choose to wait to update your back-end, you can still run reports and export the new responses from the Report Center until you do. Thank you for this excellent question. In fact, it is so important that I will amend the post above to include this reminder about backwards compatibility and what it means to all colleges. Take care, Patty
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    Can we schedule a time to get on the phone and discuss this request?  I'd like to better understand specifically what is required so that the appropriate change request can be reviewed by Steering.  An additional response value to an existing question may be more appropriate versus a new question added to an already lengthy application. Please send me an email at [email protected] to schedule a call to discuss. 

    Thank you!
  • Lynn_TwangLynn_Twang Member
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    Hi Patty and Merrie

    I'm having trouble locating the pre-release notes that were supposed to be out February 17. Can you provide a link to the information please?

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    Hello everyone!

    There was a typo in my original announcement saying that I would have the pre-release notes posted on this site and in the Public Documentation site on February 17!  My mistake. I should know better, there's no way to post pre-Pilot release notes prior to the day of the Pilot Release - which is this Wednesday March 1 - beginning at 10AM - 5PM.   The Pilot release notes will include information about the items being released and the Pilot site Download Client Jar file - allowing colleges to update their Pilot download file and test downloading the new data fields.

    My apologies to those of you looking for those release notes.  it won't be long now. 

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Lynn_TwangLynn_Twang Member
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    Thanks for the update, Patty! I'll wait a few more days. 
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