What is the process for editing the program to career mappings?

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  • Angela_Baucom
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    Career Mappings can be updated edited on a per request basis. We are planning to have an annual review cycle whereby college faculty can review the mappings and submit revisions. If a change is needed outside of the annual update cycle, faculty can reach out to their CCCTC representative. The college can make a request via this website, and a representative will assist, or they can email [email protected] and a representative will assist. The process is that a spreadsheet will then be provided to the college by the CCCTC representative with the individual program to career mappings specifically unique to that college. The college will make necessary edits to the mappings on the spreadsheet, per instructed on the sheet, and send it back to the CCCTC rep. The CCCTC representative will send the revised mapping spreadsheet to Emsi (creator of Career Coach) and Emsi will update the site with their edits.