NEW - CCCApply Standard Application - Paper Application v1.0 Is Now Available

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Attention CCC Admissions & Records:

CCCApply has just released a paper-based version of the Standard Application for print use only. 

Recommended by the CCCCO as the official, compliant, alternative to the CCCApply online application, the paper version is intended for use by special populations - such as prison inmates, seniors, and noncredit students - and students that may not have access to a computer. 

Available for Download
College Admissions & Records staff can access the application from the CCCApply folder in the CCCApply Project Site File Repository.  (Start download now.)

Recommended use:
  • Non-editable; For print use only
  • Contains all "required" state, federal, and CCCCO residency questions exactly as they appear in the online version;
  • All questions/fields are locked down (restricted); this application is not intended to be completed in a browser;
  • This version is void of all "year" dates so it can be used across multiple years;
  • This version mirrors the online Standard application* and will be updated annually, or in conjunction with all updates to the online application;
  • An Appendix i: Information Section has been added to the last two pages of the application to provide additional information on specific required questions. This page is optional for the user. 
*1) AB620 Transgender & Sexual Orientation Questions (Do Not Appear on Paper Application)
Currently the AB620 gender questions do not appear to minors in the online application while the CCC Technology Center receives support and guidelines from the CCCCO Legal department on safe handling, data storage and data sharing requirements. Therefore, CCCApply Steering has chosen to omit these questions from the paper application to protect the privacy of the individual student. For more information on AB620 implementation in CCCApply, click here.

*2) Multiple Measures for Assessment Placement - (Included on the Paper Application)
Currently, over 50% of CCC colleges have "opted-in" to implement the optional Multiple Measures High School Transcript Information data questions in their Standard Application. Therefore, Steering approved to include these questions in the paper application. Colleges that do not wish to include these questions in the paper app, can either not print the page they appear on, or cross out the page when handing a copy of the paper app to a student. For more information on the Multiple Measures for Assessment Placement.

Why Develop a Paper Application?

The CCCApply Standard paper application was approved for development by the CCCApply Steering Committee initially to address repeated requests from colleges - and recently a Resolution submitted by the CCC Academic Senate - for a separate (shorter) online version of the online application specifically for noncredit students. These requests have suggested that many of the questions in the full application are unnecessary for noncredit and other special populations, and therefore creating a barrier for these students enrolling in community college. Indeed, many colleges are using their own custom paper applications to circumvent the online application process to collect minimal information only, and the Chancellor's Office is concerned that these unapproved versions may not be compliant with state and federal regulatory requirements and do not contain the required residency questions mandated for ALL students to determine California residency.

According to the Chancellor’s Office, very few questions could be removed from the CCCApply online application and still be in compliance; therefore, the request for a separate “noncredit” version of the online application was declined by the CCCApply Steering Committee.

Currently, the Chancellor’s Office has informed colleges that the CCCApply Standard application is the approved admissions application for both credit and noncredit students; however, the Steering Committee has requested a formal statement from CCCCO Legal confirming this recommendation.

For more information about the CCCApply Standard paper application, please post a comment below.


  • Joel_DiazJoel_Diaz Member
    edited December 2016
    Will there be a Spanish version available for download?
  • edited October 2019
    Joel,I know that there are staff are working on a Spanish version of the Paper Application, and I will check into when it might also be available for download.
  • edited October 2019
    Hi Joel, Yes we are working as quickly as possible to release a version in Spanish. We needed to finish the English version, lock down the text (no changes) and then send out the text to our localization company for translation With the holidays upon us, it will likely be mid-January before that version is complete. Stay tuned and follow this issue. Believe me...I'll be announcing the Spanish version to everyone for sure! Thanks, Patty
  • Vivien_HuynhVivien_Huynh Member
    edited October 2019
    Hello Merrie,

    There are a lot of Hispanic students at my college.  We need a Spanish version for them.  When will we get the Spanish version?
  • Vivien_HuynhVivien_Huynh Member
    edited October 2019
    Hello Patty,

    There are a lot of Hispanic students at my college.  We need a Spanish version for them.  When will we get the Spanish version?
  • edited October 2019
    I also answered this question the Helpdesk ticket you created.  There is no current Spanish version of the paper application.  There is no current plan to create a paper Spanish language paper application.  There is a plan currently to implement a Spanish Internationalized of the on-line Application.
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