Will individual colleges have access to change or add initial background questions on the new statew

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    The CCC Assess will have the MMAP model for multiple measures “built in” to the platform; this model will include (if a college opts in) initial background questions on high school performance that are already determined through the MMAP and CCCApply. A college may choose to use different multiple measures instead of the MMAP model, but they will need to validate that model separately. Colleges have the right and ability to continue to use other student surveys that are already in play (and validated) to inform placement.

    The “background” questions on CCCAssess (the common assessment) will be fixed (though evaluated over time for their efficacy) and used to determine where a student begins on the assessment, but not for multiple measures. The research team for multiple measures are in the process of collecting other “non-cognitive” survey data from colleges to examine their validity for use in the placement process (i.e., as a multiple measure). If there is validity and utility, the Common Assessment steering committee will recommend they be made available in the platform. The option for local customization of background questions will not be part of the initial release for the Common Assessment.