How will the daily upload from the new statewide assessment test into Datatel Colleague look like? W

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    After a placement recommendation is generated, it transfers to the Student Information System (SIS) via a software adaptor integration. The adaptor is the result of Project Glue, which is an engineering effort to provide an integration infrastructure for software designed, built, or purchased by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO). The implementation provides a near-real-time integration, rather than a daily feed into the SIS. Project resources will be made available to facilitate the implementation for each campus/district.
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    Will the same approach eventually be used for cccapply applications as well?

    What SIS products are you targeting?


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    With respect to CCCApply, officially, the roadmap item for Project Glue to support the CCCApply data transfer process is included during the FY 2017-2018.  Requirements have not yet been developed nor has it been brought to the CCCApply Steering committee to gain approvals.

    Colleague, Banner, Peoplesoft are currently being supported by Project Glue and they are beginning the work to support the Santa Rosa custom SIS this month.  Beyond that there have been discussions with WorkDay and Oracle to support their next generation systems once a college  decides to use those new systems.