What is the CCCID?

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The CCCID - California Community Colleges Identification Number - is the unique, seven-digitidentifier for a single user’s account - generated duringthe OpenCCC account creation process for the purpose of enabling secure, single sign-on access to system-wide web-based applications and services, such as CCCApply.

Students are presented their CCCID at the end of the OpenCCC account creation process and it is intended to identify the student across colleges and services throughout their academic journey in the California Community College system. There will only be one CCCID assigned per unique student.

The CCCID data field is passed to the college as part of a submittedCCCApply application and should be stored in the college Student InformationSystem (SIS) as well as the college's Active Directory for authentication when a student signs in at a college.  It can be passed as an attribute to student Statewideservices so the service can verify - in combination with the student's EduPerson Primary Name (EPPN) assigned by the college - that the student has an OpenCCC account andperform automatic sign in.  This fieldwill also be passed as an MIS field.

Short description: The user’s unique CCCID for Federated Identity.

Some key functions of the CCCID:

    • The CCCID is generated when a student sets up an OpenCCC account and commonly passed to the college in the CCCApply data download.
    • The CCCID is then stored in the college’s SIS or college LDAP/Active Directory
    • The CCCID is passed as an attribute from the college’s IdP to the systemwide applications SP (i.e. Canvas, CCCAssess, MyPath, etc.)
    • The CCCID is used by the systemwide applications to identify the student.
For more information about the OpenCCC Account, CCCID, or system-wide single sign-on authentication, please see CCCID: The Use and Significance of the CCCID in the CCC SSO Intiative.