REMINDER: OpenCCCApply Release 5.5 Friday Night at 6:00PM

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Release 5.5 Activities Begin at 6:00PM  
The OpenCCC Account system and CCCApply applications will be offline for the duration of the release, which is anticipated to last until 11:59PM.  Please communicate this information to all college support staff who may interface with students during this time.

The release notes summary is posted here: Release 5.5 Summary Notes - 9.30.16

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The Shibboleth V3 update has been postponed to October 28; all other release items will deploy tomorrow evening as scheduled. The IdP upgrade postponement will not affect colleges or students. 

The Multiple Measures data fields will release on schedule.

Below are some FAQs related to this release. If you have any additional questions, please post a comment below.

Release FAQs:
  • The OpenCCC Shibboleth IdP V3 upgrade has been postponed to October 28, 2016 in order to complete regression testing and to better align with the MyPath Student Services Portal launch which is also scheduled for the last week in October.

    NOTE: The rescheduling of this upgrade does not affect colleges or students in any way; however an updated release announcement will be made after the 5.5 release.

  • The OpenCCC Student Account and the CCCApply applications will be offline during tonight's release, including the CCCApply Standard, International and BOG Fee Waiver applications. A maintenance window will appear to students informing them of the temporary down time. 
CCCApply Downloads
  • Colleges do not have to update their CCCApply Download files unless you plan to implement the new data fields added to the CCCApply Standard & International applications. Click here to see the new data fields being added to the Download Client V3.

  • To update your current Download Client and download file, please consult your IT department and point them to the Download Client User Guide and latest Download Client Transfer File V3.
Multiple Measures Implementation
  • The Multiple Measures implementation will appear in your production CCCApply Standard Application ONLY if your college opted to implement these new fields. Otherwise they will not. To see if your college opted in, see Colleges Opting to Implement New Multiple Measures in Release 5.5.

  • If your college did not opt-in to implement the Multiple Measures data fields in this release, you can opt in at any time. Please contact CCCAssess Product Manager, John Hadad, [email protected] for more information. Please allow 24-48hrs for the questions to deploy after opting in.

  • To better understand the Multiple Measures questions and data fields, see: Multiple Measures for Assessment Placement in CCCApply.

  • Click here if you missed the OpenCCCApply Release 5.5 College Preview Webinar on YouTube.  The slide deck is also available..
Pilot Environment
  • All changes and enhancements being deployed in Release 5.5 will continue to appear in the Pilot environment, including the Multiple Measures fields. Colleges can preview and test the changes and update their Downloads in the Pilot site at any time.

  • A new section has been added to the CCCApply Public Documentation space called "Pilot Environment" - outlining how to get to your pilot environment, Terms of Use & Support, and how to use the environment for testing.
Documentation All updates relative to this release will be added to this post.

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Thank you all!