How has the impact of Project Glue to the college resources been evaluated and accounted for in the

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    In our conversations with colleges around the implementation of the Hobson’s education planning solution through the Education Planning Initiative, the Tech Center has been empathetic to the demands that implementing an enterprise class application like Education Planning and Degree Audit places on college staff. Whenever possible the Tech Center provides resource support to these colleges.

    In the case of Project Glue, the Online Education Initiative and Common Assessment Initiative, the Tech Center has endeavored to build a model where the Tech Center is fully staffed and ready to do ALL tasks necessary to integrate with the college’s SIS. This, of course, is a major goal of Project Glue. While we fully expect that in the beginning there will be impact to early adopter schools such as Butte, Foothill and MiraCosta, we have seen with other OEI pilots that the model works well so far.

    More to the point, when initiatives roll out, there are sometimes monies set aside in the form of mini-grants that are intended to compensate colleges for staff time as well as allow them to employ third parties. This has been the model from the beginning, with eTranscript California and OpenCCCApply being examples. The Common Assessment Initiative has a mini-grant available to help colleges transition their assessments to CCCAssess, however, this is not targeted at IT staff as yet. We do know that these monies do not allow for increased staffing levels that would ease the burden on most colleges. We recommend that colleges with this issue be conservative about taking on a pilot role on any initiative until this issue is more fully addressed.