Have the SIS companies (Ellucian, PeopleSoft) been consulted regarding these integration plans?

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  • Sandoval_Chagoya
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    Yes. From the beginning work on OEI Course Exchange, the Tech Center approached Ellucian as well as PeopleSoft to engage on how to best approach integration and Project Glue. The Tech Center CTO has personally had several meetings with Ellucian CTO John Kopcke on this topic. The Tech Center is on the executive steering committee for Ellucian’s integration strategy, branded Ethos, and participates in bi-weekly meetings. Tim Calhoon, Executive Director; Jeff Holden, Chief Information Security Officer; and Lou Delzompo, Chief Technology Officer for the Tech Center have visited Oracle headquarters in the Bay Area to discuss the integration plans. The Tech Center is on Oracle’s list to review its upcoming Cloud SIS, which is intended to replace PeopleSoft.

  • Tom_Onwiler
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    Could we please know what was discussed in the meetings with John Kopcke and what his responses were? Were there any issues identified with implementing Glue? Will Ethos be a replacement for Glue or the Data Lake?
  • Sandoval_Chagoya
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    Details of Ellucian's project direction are not ours to share, unfortunately.  We (Ellucian, the CCC Chancellor's Office, and the Technology Center) remain committed to aligning Project Glue with Ethos and to sharing technologies when appropriate.  As details firm up and are deemed public by Ellucian, we will provide them.
  • severa
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    "The Tech Center is on Oracle’s list to review its upcoming Cloud SIS, which is intended to replace PeopleSoft."

    Hi, do you know whether that has happened yet? 

  • Lou_Delzompo
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    Unfortunately, there is no truth to any of this.  The Tech Center is not on a list to review Oracle's Cloud SIS.  The Cloud SIS is not intended to replace PeopleSoft, in that there is no end of life for PeopleSoft, now called CampusSolutions, announced by Oracle.