What is the decision process for the processes that are being implemented for the CCC Technology Cen

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    The decisions on these items are driven by the Tech Center initiative steering committees as well as pilot colleges in the course of our interactions with them. In answer to how we came to ask for a Linux virtual machine (VM) and not a Windows VM, this was driven by the current state of support for Windows in Docker. Docker has fast become a superior choice for deployment of software to the use of script-based deployments such as Salt, Chef and Puppet. Currently, Docker is only supporting Windows hosts as beta. We chose to not deploy beta software into production. Note that the VM host machine can in fact be a Windows server; only the VM need be Linux. The decision to not ship beta code was made by the Tech Center Chief Technology Officer, Louis Delzompo.

    The Tech Center also has offered to provide technicians that are able to deploy and configure a Linux VM should that be required.

    There have been some concerns raised about who will cover the cost of the VM. Some colleges are charged around $500 per month for a single VM. This is outrageous pricing, but may be the reality for some colleges. Since the Tech Center is asking for the VM, there are discussions around how schools might be compensated for that cost. This is TBD.