What is Project Glue, also known as CCC Glue?

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    Project Glue is a statewide IT project of the California Community Colleges Technology Center.

    The goal of Project Glue (CCC Glue) is to create a common, secure, easily deployable method of accessing and updating data across collaborative applications such as ERP/SIS and Learning Management, among others.

    The California Community Colleges currently uses three different vendor developed Student Information Systems (SIS): Ellucian Colleague, Ellucian Banner and Oracle PeopleSoft. Three others are under development: Ellucian Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Workday. There are also at least three custom SIS systems in use. To allow for software systems that need to interact with data across the college system, Project Glue will use an adaptor approach.

    An adaptor will be deployed close to the college’s existing software infrastructure and will expose RESTful interfaces that are accessible in a secure fashion (https, oauth, etc) via the Internet.