NOTICE: OpenCCCApply Release Planned for September 29, 2016 - Preview on Pilot Site August 26

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An Update is planned for the OpenCCC Student Account and the CCCApply applications on Friday, September 29 beginning at 6:00PM.

The primary purpose of this release is to implement another option for OpenCCC account recovery that will greatly reduce the number of incoming calls to the CCC Help Desk. The process will allow students to request a secure Password Reset URL link by email once we’ve verified their account Username. This enhancement also provides a 24/7 self-serve account recovery process that is standard to most online account systems.

Other changes and enhancements slated for this release:

  • Update to Area B Residency Logic
    An update to the Area B residency logic in the Standard Application that will fix a series of bugs in the residency algorithm that have been misclassifying students who have lived in California for 2 years but have also reported one or more out-of-state activities, such as paying taxes outside the state within the last year. Currently the logic has been failing to identify and flag the student as a “possible resident - documentation required”, and passing them as “Residents” without questioning their nonresident activity. The solution to this issue was determined by the CCCApply Residency Review Committee and we believe it will correct several unresolved problems identified over recent months.
  • New Data Fields for Multiple Measures
    This new section and series of downloadable data fields to support the gathering of multiple measures for assessment placement, was added to the CCCApply Standard Application by request from the Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) per SB1456. This i See full details on the Pre-Release Notes Summary (see link below).
  • Bug Fixes: A series of bug fixes are itemized in the release notes.
  • Accessibility Updates: A series of accessibility fixes are itemized in the release notes.

A Pre-Release Notes Summary is available here. Technical notes and implementation specifications will be available when the code is released to the Pilot environment for college testing.

For more information about the release items and implementation specs, please contact Patty Donohue, Product Manager, [email protected].


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    Will this update take place on September 29 (Thursday) or September 30 (Friday)

    The notifications indicates Friday, September 29.

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