Concurrent Enrollment

The Los Angeles Community Colleges accept international concurrent enrollment for high school or college.  However, the CCCApply International Application does not have any concurrent enrollment options in the Education page of the application.  Therefore, we are going to capture this information by using a supplemental question.  Do you know why the international application was not set up with concurrent enrollment options like the domestic application? Could this be needed for MIS SB11?


  • Patty
    edited March 2017

    Good question.  I will add this to the list to run by the International App Advisory Committee. We haven't had a meeting in a while so it's probably time to meet and start looking at a few of these issues, sooner than later.  We are currently unable to make any changes (other than urgent bug fixes) but the sooner we get the change requests reviewed and approved, the better chance I can get these into the queue this year. 

    Thanks so much,
  • Olivia_Alvarado
    edited April 2019
    Hi Patty,
    Do you have an update on this?  Thank you in advance.