BOGFW 16 - 17 Year

The 16 - 17 year is available on the BOGFW application.  Is this year supposed to be available on the BOGFW application?  I'm being told that our FA staff is not ready for this as they have not received any information from the Chancellor's Office about it.  This site only reflects up to the 15 - 16 year.


  • Patty
    edited March 2017
    Hi Kyle,

    Well for once CCCApply is on time with the BOG Fee Waiver!  The Chancellor's Office sends us the confirmed and approved BOG details annually, then we make the changes and schedule a release of the new year's BOG.  This year, they actually sent us the approved changes in October!  We were able to get the current's years version developed and released right on time (begins January 1st). 

    I suspect that the CCCCO is late getting the word out to colleges on the 2016-2017 BOG; but we are confident that we were provided the approved changes.

    Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!