What level of IT resources are required to implement the Student Services Portal?

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    The resources required depend entirely upon your planned method of usage. If, for example, all you would like to do is utilize the built-in content creation tools and content templates being provided by the Tech Center, the effort is low; Shibboleth must be put in place to get users authenticated into the portal, but that is the extent of the effort. On the other hand, if you would like to (for example) fully replace your existing portal by building custom portlets with integrations to other campus systems (SIS, for one), the effort is medium-high, depending on what you build. You can, of course, start by using the provided tools and and then move into a more custom product over time, as well, using resources when/as they become available to you. For more information, please view our informational webinar, "EPI 101", available here: http://cccedplan.org/resources-menu