How do I use the Title IX survey in CCCApply?

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    The CCCCO Title IX survey is a standardized survey developed by the Chancellor's Office to track interest in athletics across the California Community Colleges.

    In the new CCCApply Standard application, there are two new questions and data fields on the Needs & Interests page asking students if they are interested in Intramural Athletics or Intercollegiate Athletics? These fields are part of the college's download file.

    Colleges can also create and run a report that includes these fields in the CCC Report Center and filter the report by gender, if desired. The Title IX survey is completely separate from the CCCApply online application; however, colleges can build an email Rule in the Administrator that sends the student a link to their online survey - branded with their college logo - which can capture their answers to specific Title IX questions.

    To get started with the Chancellor's Office Title IX survey, please contact Merrie Wales.
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    How do we access the data collected from the Title IX Survey?   My understanding is that it is emailed to someone on campus - how do we manage this setting?  We need need to update the email address.

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    Mike,If you would send me the names, and email addresses of the person(s) that need access I will send them the instructions, and a link to set their password. My email address is [email protected]
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    Merrie, I manage the Los Angeles Mission College administrator and I did not contact Crystal Hernandez to create a Title IX survey rule.  I noticed that a rule for this survey was created for my college on 9/2/2016 by mwales. Did some one contact you or Crystal from my school? 
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    Martha,I will send an answer to your question via email.
  • Hi, I need access to the Title IX Survey. I sent an email to mwales and it bounced back.

    Christian Alvarado

    Saddleback College

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    How do I gain access to the Title IX Survey for us to complete the EADA Report?

    Jerry Dunlap

    [email protected]

    Napa Valley College

  • At the end of each month, the CCCSurvey system will send out email digests for all surveys that have received responses during that month. If a user has access to more than one survey, they will get a separate email for each one that has new responses. The email will contain a standard message and an attached CSV file containing the new responses. The CSV file can be opened as a spreadsheet in Excel.

     If a user wishes to stop receiving these email digests, they can change their preference in CCCSurvey by logging into, clicking on their name in the top-right corner, and changing their Monthly Digests setting to Disabled.

    At any time, a user can login and download a complete record of all responses to a survey by clicking "Download responses".

    If you lose your password, you should be able to recover your account on your own by clicking on "Forgot your password?" on the login page, and entering your email address on the next page. This will send a password reset link to your email address. If that feature isn't working, then there is some email delivery problem that needs to be resolved at your campus.