NOTICE: CCCApply Maintenance Release Planned for Oct 27 - 30-Day Pilot Site Preview Begins This Wednesday, Sept 27

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A mid-year maintenance release is planned for CCCApply on Friday, October 27, 2017, beginning at 6 PM PST. 

As with all OpenCCCApply releases, the code changes will be deployed to the Pilot Site for 30 days first to give Admissions staff time to make any business operational changes needed.

Most of the changes are technical infrastructure updates, but there are also some key bug fixes and enhancements to fix some issues with the Homeless Youth checkboxes and other changes made in March 2017.

Key information:

Pilot Site Release: Wednesday, September 27 starting at 8 am (site will be off-line during the release)
Pilot Release Notes: Posted in CCCApply Public Documentation on Wed Sept 27
Bug Fix Demos: Posted in CCCApply Public Documentation on Wed Sept 27

Production Site Release: 
Friday, October 27, starting at 6pm (minimum downtime)
Production Release Notes: Will be posted in the CCCApply Public Documentation space on October 27

30-Day Pilot Preview:  All changes will be deployed to the Pilot environment for 30 days beginning Wednesday, September 27, 2017. See below for a high-level summary of the Homeless Youth bug fixes coming in this release. 


Summary of Homeless Youth (AB 801) Fixes and Enhancements 

Below is a summary of the bug fixes and enhancements being made in this release to fix some of the changes made in March 2017 to address and collect information on homeless youth (AB 801).

In the Permanent Address section of the OpenCCC  i
n the OpenCCC Account:
  • Added additional onscreen text for international students informing them that their permanent address is REQUIRED to apply to a California Community College;
  • Added conditional logic to remove the new "No Permanent Address - Homeless" checkbox IF the user checks the "My permanent address is outside the U.S." checkbox;
  • Added a confirmation validation pop-up box: IF the user checks on the "No Permanent Address - Homeless" checkbox to force them to confirm that they don't have a permanent address because they are homeless. If the student is being dishonest by not providing a permanent address, this confirmation message will require them to confirm their response.

CCCApply Standard Application
  • Revert Area B Residency logic: This will minimize the number of students with an incorrect residency status due to Homeless Youth question response;
  • Logic to identify homeless youth eligibility moved to Homeless Youth question. A "Yes" response will trigger Integrity Flag 40, alerting college that youth is or has been homeless within last 24 months;
  • No Current Mailing Address section: Added a confirmation validation pop-up box IF the user checks on the "No Current Mailing Address - Homeless" checkbox. User must confirm they have no current mailing address at time of application.

International Application
  • Removed "No Current Mailing Address - Homeless" checkbox from International Application;
  • Removed "No Non-US Permanent Address - Homeless" checkboxfrom International Application;
  • Added validation to Visa Type field: If visa type is F1, M1, then user must have a Permanent Address entered in OpenCCC Account.

BOG Fee Waiver Application
  • No Current Mailing Address section: Added a confirmation validation pop-up box IF the user checks on the "No Current Mailing Address - Homeless" checkbox. User must confirm they have no current mailing address at time of application;
  • Added validation to "Determined Homeless" field: Must be "Yes" if "No Permanent Address - Homeless" or "No Current Mailing Address - Homeless" is yes.

These are the main ones; look for all bug fixes and enhancements in the Pilot Release Notes (6.1.0) Summary which will be posted on Wednesday, September 27, on the support site:

In addition to the fixes to the homeless youth fields and logic from March, the following International Application bug fixes are being made. A full list will be posted in the release notes.

International Application Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Implement User-Friendly Format for International Phone Number Fields
  • Remove all Homeless Youth checkboxes from International App
  • Remove All Visa Types Except F1, M1, J1 and Other/None from International App
  • Add Missing Validation for Number of Dependents
  • Update validation for Visa Type Field Requirement
  • Update onscreen response options for College Education Level field
  • Add missing validation for College education level
  • Add missing Visa Date validations for Visa/Passport Dates
  • SEVIS number field: Prevent Non-Number Entry on Field
  • Add United States of America to Country Field in the Agent Contact section
  • Add OPT/CPT Validations
  • Fix Visa dropdown menu so it's not editable when 'no visa yet' box is checked
  • Fix error message for "Term Closed" on Submit Application Process
  • When passing a MyPath redirect URL, and creating a new account, we don't swap the Sign out button
  • International incorrectly encodes complex redirect URLs
  • If User starts an International Application, "No Permanent Address Homeless" Must be NO
  • Hide I-94 section unless user is in the U.S.
In addition to the bug fixes and enhancements in the International Application, technical infrastructure updates in the OpenCCC Account and CCCApply, and some backend preparatory integration work completed for the new CCC Administrator system launching March 2018.

30-Day Pilot Preview:  All changes will be deployed to the Pilot environment for 30 days beginning Wednesday, September 27, 2017. 


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Start previewing bug fixes for 30 Days after the Pilot  Wednesday, September 27 

Production Release on October 27, 2017 - CCCApply Maintenance Release October 27, 2017 - 6:00PM
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Hello,  I went on the pilot standard application today and didn't see any of the changes mentioned in the release notes regarding the popup validation for students who indicate they are homeless.  Have I jumped the gun?
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Please check tomorrow:  Pilot Site Release: Wednesday, September 27 starting at 8 am (site will be off-line during the release)