New Fraud Status Field on the CCCApply Full Application Report

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In the recent CCCApply release (6.4.0) on March 16, 2019 - a few enhancements were made to the CCCApply Standard "Full Application" report, which is one of the templates provided to colleges in the CCCApply Report Center. 

The new field "Fraud Status" is one of the fields that is calculated during the post-submission process after a student submits an application. 

The values that appear for the "Fraud Status" are listed below.
0 or Null=                              Indicates theapplication has never been evaluated and was

1 = NotChecked:                  The Application was not checked because the college hasnot chosen to opt-in to the service)

2 =Pending:                         The application has been submitted, but has notyet been processed by the prediction service.)

3 =Checked Fraud:              The prediction service determined that the application ismost likely fraudulent.

4 =Checked NOT Fraud:     The prediction service determined that theapplication is most likely not fraud.

5 =Confirmed Fraud:           The college admin has reviewed the application and determinedthat it is fraudulent.

6 = Confirmed NOTFraud:  The college admin has reviewedthe application and determined that it is not fraudulent.   

Note:  These values have been updated in the CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary V.2019.1.  Find this document at the top of the Data Dictionaries page in CCCApply Public Documentation site.

Reminder:  If an application is given a fraud status of "3" - means that the application is most likely fraud and will be suspended in the Spam Filter user interface, which lives in the CCCApply Administrator > CCCApply > Utilities > Spam Filter.  
Authorized college users should monitor their college's Spam Filter on a regular basis to ensure applications suspended based on their Fraud Status are processed correctly. 

For more information about the CCCApply Spam Filter Web Service, please see the articles published in the public documentation space.

Spam Filter Web Service 2018

Spam Filter Web Service Overview

Training, Support & Implementation Articles

There are too many articles about the Spam Filter to list here. Please check out these links for more. 

Thanks everyone!
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